Why Inventory Management is a Critical Part of Any Repair Shop Software

You would probably be thinking that a repair shop requires a ticketing and job scheduling system only in order to succeed. While that may appear to be the case, there’s a lot more that goes into making a repair store successful besides just processing customers and assigning tasks to your technicians.

One of the main things that people leave out when considering a decent repair shop software is its inventory management capabilities. Believe it or not, inventory management is the most troublesome part of any store, and you sadly don’t know it till you’re in the thick of things. Keeping a count on your stock, making proper deductions, ordering parts that have run low & warehousing are a real challenge.

Fortunately, with the right kind of software and a few tips and tricks, you can put these worries to rest and drive your repair business to success. Here, we lay down some of the points to that make inventory management a critical part of any repair shop software that you choose.

Automation is the Name of the Game

Gone are the days when records needed to be maintained by hand. In today’s digital age, you can process and record information many times faster, and it only makes sense that your repair shop does the same. Bringing your records into a digital format means that your errors are reduced, and you can automate plenty of things. Inventory reports can be set to show up at the end of the day, and you can set specific amounts of your stock which will trigger a reorder request. Ideally, your repair shop software should have these features baked in to give you an easier time with inventory management.

Get More Control Over Your Inventory Flow

Reports on your inventory help you get a clear idea of how things are progressing. You’ll be able to see what stock you have left, what your popular items are, and how well you are doing with your inventory management overall. Assigning specific codes to your stock and placing it in designated locations also comes in handy, as you will easily be able to identify where your parts are. You can even get a bead on how fast an item is selling, so you can make smart decisions about it in the future.

Safety & Accuracy Guaranteed

With a competent repair shop software, your inventory has fewer chances of being error-prone and under threat. Inventory management requires accurate counts on your stock and a secure place it can all be put in without the fear of anything going wrong. Being able to pin each item’s exact movement in your store really helps keep your inventory under check. Most inventory management systems also ensure that your data remains safe by either putting it under lock and key, making it uneditable in certain cases, encrypting it, storing it in a safe location (say, the cloud) or all of the above. This makes it highly important to have an inventory management module to your repair shop software that takes care of all your worries.

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