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What Are the Responsibilities Of a litigation lawyer? Interlegal

Litigation Lawyer also known as a Litigation attorney is someone who represents either a defendant or plaintiff in a civil case. The lawyer is primarily responsible for investigating the details and ground reality of any case then decide the course of action to file a lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff’s or get enough information to defend the client against a filled lawsuit. The job of the lawyers basically starts with interviewing the present eyewitnesses and other parties and then study the depositions and finally analyze the pertinent information as they get ready for a trial. There are various kinds of litigation lawyers as well, who specifically deal with certain cases involving business lawsuits and real estate cases. 

You can find litigation lawyers being employed in various law firms and government offices to handle the day to day operations and explore various legal corners. As per the global expectation, the employment growth rate is also expected to rise to by 6% by the year 2024. This increase is primarily because of the inclusion of litigation lawyers in the corporate sectors as in-house counsel. Lets now get to know about what are some of the basic responsibilities of professional legal network members. 


Every single legal process has its own course and a litigation lawyer needs to fulfill and be accountable for certain tasks that need to be completed within the said span of time. The professional legal network deals with all kinds of cases and strives to get justice for their clients. Check out some of the basic responsibilities that every litigation lawyers need to take up. 


  • Consulting:


Litigation lawyers ought to spend some of the initial days with their clients to discuss the case and advise what should be done to resolve the issue. In these case meetings, the details are reviewed minutely and then a perfect strategy is devised to handle the case in the court. In certain cases of a personal injury lawsuit, the litigation lawyer also needs to visit the spot of the incident to collect some evidence and details of the case. 


  • Conduct Pre-Trial Activities


Before taking the case to the court, there are a number of pre-trial activities that need to be completed in order to prepare for the trail. The litigation lawyers assemble the names of the potential witnesses, collect expert deposition, interview all the associated parties and then examine all that has been collected from various sources. 


  • Documentations


Lawsuits are more or less completely dependent on the documented evidence and a number of documents that need to be filled and handed over in the court are huge. If in case the lawyer fails to submit any valid document before the court, then the consequences can be pathetic. This can high change the dynamics of the case within a matter of some minutes. Litigation lawyers are very well versed with the proceedings on the court and at all times remain aware of all the necessary documents. Some of the basic documents that a lawyer can assist the clients are Affidavits, Complaints, Defenses, Discovery, Further and better particulars, and Interrogatories. 


  • Drafting 


When the cases are in the courtroom, a number of drafting needs to be carried out and with time the motions are obligatory to be filled on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. In case you are a plaintiff, the litigation attorney will initiate the lawsuits by drafting and then filling complaints and summons. And in case, you are the defendant party the litigation attorney will need to submit an answer and at times a counterclaim depending on the type of the complaint filed by the plaintiff. The international litigation lawyer will also be very helpful in investigating all the allegations filled in the complaints and come up with the appropriate responses for each. 


  • Represent Clients in a Trial


This responsibility can be termed as one of the most important and significant jobs of the litigation lawyer. Presenting the case in the court needs a lot of preparation and it is the actual exam for the lawyer. There are zillions of cases that don’t reach a certain settlement before the trail begins at court and in that case, the litigation lawyer represents the case in the courtroom. All lawyers have their own strategy of dealing with the cases and need to have a thorough understanding of all the associated facts of the case. The international litigation lawyer makes an opening statement, presents all the evidence, cross-examines all the witnesses and experts, brings about argue motions and closing statements in the court.

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