Motorola Moto G8 Plus review: a battery boost for the budget king

Over the last few years, Motorola�s Moto G-series phones have been consistently excellent budget devices. In fact, the Moto G7 is our current pick for the best budget phone available today.

Now Lenovo-owned Motorola is back with the first of its G8 range of devices. This is the �239 (�269 or about $306) Motorola Moto G8 Plus, which sits at the top end of the affordable G-series lineup thanks to its more powerful processor and higher-resolution main camera. It�s available in Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Latin America, but it�s not currently scheduled to release in the US.

The Moto G8 Plus is another capable inexpensive smartphone from Motorola, and honestly it�s been a pleasure to use. Its battery life is excellent, and the tweaks Motorola has made to Android continue to do a great job of making its devices that much more user-friendly without ever feeling like they get in the way. The only real compromise you�re making here is with the phone�s camera and the fact that it�s launching with Android 9 rather than this year�s Android 10, but I think these are acceptable trade-offs at this price.

On paper, it�s hard to get too excited about the specs of the Moto G8 Plus, especially since they�re so similar to the Moto G7 Plus from earlier this year. It�s received a slight spec bump in terms of its processor (it now has a midrange Snapdragon 665 rather than a midrange Snapdragon 636), and its storage and RAM are unchanged at 64GB and 4GB, respectively. Its LCD screen is a fraction of an inch bigger at 6.3 inches rather than the G7 Plus� 6.2 inches, but it�s still a 1080p affair with a small teardrop notch up top. Oh, and there�s still no IP certification, so you�re best keeping it away from water.

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