Changing Dynamics Shows a Lot Has Been Changed in Smartphone Market

The Indian smartphone market is now the 2nd most lucrative market globally. It has so much potential that you can observe so many brands making their debuts here. 

Some have not been able to sustain the competition and have exited, while some have made their niches and emerged victorious. 

The emergence of Xiaomi as the numero uno brand by dethroning Samsung is one of the success stories of the Indian market. Let’s see what has been the trend of the Indian smartphone market in 2019 in this short post! 

What has driven the Indian smartphone market in 2019? 

According to data provided by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the Indian smartphone market has been able to ship a record 46.6 million phones in Q3 2019. It has led to a 26.5% quarter over quarter and 9.3% year over year growth. Now most of the geeks are looking for 5G smartphone for good connectivity and speed.

The key reason behind the driving of such a high sales number has been attributed to online sales events like flash sales and alike. The other factors for pushing towards the higher sales number are: 

  1. Online sales events 

Nowadays, smartphone launches have become an event on online websites that sell them. Days before the launch, they start teasing the users that a phone is being launched with stunning features. It helps them build the hype around it. Once done, they announce a day and time, the phone will be available for sale (they make lower numbers available so that demand remains higher). They then hold flash sales events and make a phone available 24/7 only after a few days after the launch. It helps the buzz stay in favour of a branded model and assists in sales escalation.     

2. New model launches 

India has seen almost a phone launch almost every week from leading players such as Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and others. The launch of new models, especially in the budget section, where the competition is huge, has resulted in huge sales. It is because companies have been engaged in a price war to topple each other. In the process, customers have been able to reap the rewards like being able to use advanced and unheard features that were a luxury to them. They were available in higher range phones. Their availability at a lower price has led people to open up to buying phones in large numbers.

The availability of advanced Samsung smartphones under 10000 and other branded models has escalated the contest. Samsung upcoming smartphones are also being expected to launch India with amazing models but at a lower price. 

3. Price corrections 

Once a phone has become a smash hit in India, companies reduce its price, and it is called price corrections. This way, they are able to add new customers and again drive huge shipments from those who were looking to buy it post price drop. 

These are a few of the strategies implemented by leading smartphone brands in India that has driven it by leaps and bounds.

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